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Goat's Head Soap & Candles

Solid Walnut Soap Tray

Solid Walnut Soap Tray

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Prolong the life of your handcrafted soap bars by purchasing one of our handmade, solid walnut soap trays. These trays are of my own design and are handmade by me and my father right here in Southern California. Each tray is hand sanded and sealed with 3 coats of 100% pure Tung oil, then we attach a set of 4 rubber feet at the base of the trays. By using these trays, you keep your soap bars from being continuously immersed in water, thus prolonging the longevity of your soap.

It is recommended that you periodically wipe down the surface of your tray with a damp or dry cloth to help preserve the appearance and extend the life of your tray. Try to avoid submerging the tray in water.

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