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Goat's Head Soap & Candles

"Shaman's Blues" 8 oz. Scented Soy Candle

"Shaman's Blues" 8 oz. Scented Soy Candle

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Shaman's Blues has a revised scent blend!

Release those negative energies with the cleansing, purifying and balancing properties  of sage, juniper berry and vetiver. Known to create a calming and grounding environment, the juniper berry has a woody, spicy, yet refreshing aroma. Sage can also elicit feelings of calmness and an over all sense of well-being. It has a warm, robust spicy scent. Long associated with purity, sage has a strong and heavy presence and is often used for cleansing a space and inviting positive energy into your home. Vetiver is a warming, deeply calming and soothing scent that relieve feelings of anger, anxiety and stress.

Top note of sage, mid note of juniper berry and base note vetiver.

All Goat's Head Candles are made with 100% soy wax, cotton wicks and are paraben and phthalate free. 

Net wt. 8 oz.

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