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"Sensuality" Body & Hair oil

"Sensuality" Body & Hair oil

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Made with grapeseed oil, apricot kern oil, moringa oil and fractionated coconut oil. Scented with jasmine and vanilla essential oils. Rich in vitamins, linoleic and oleic acids, hydrating, slows down the aging process, soothes inflammation, antibacterial qualities, promotes relaxation, calmness and stimulates the libido. "Sensuality" is a blend that is popular with both women and men.


*Key benefits to skin include:

• Hydrating and moisturizing

• Soothing, anti-inflammatory properties

• Anti-bacterial

• Promotes relaxation

• Anti-aging properties

• May help with acne

• Protects skin from free radicals

•Brings out the natural glow of your skin

*Key benefits to your hair include:

• Smooth your hair's cuticles

• Natural detangler

• Reduces frizz

• Adds shine

• Reduces dryness

• Soothes the scalp

• Draws in moisture

• Tames flyaways



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