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Goat's Head Soap & Candles

"Realms of Bliss" Body & Hair oil

"Realms of Bliss" Body & Hair oil

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"Realms of bliss, realms of light, some are born to sweet delight, some are born to the endless night" - J. Morrison

Awaken your senses with a sophisticated blend of rich floral aromas, with notes of fruit, warm earthiness, powdery top note, elegant traces of musk and a subtle woodiness base.

Like all Goat's Head body/Hair oils, this is made with a blend of nutrient enriched carrier oils, that will absorb quickly into your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and smooth without making it oily or greasy.
Apply small amounts to your hair to treat dry, damaged hair and rub it onto your scalp to relieve itchiness and dandruff.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil and apricot kern oil. Scented with black currant & jasmine, amber & driftwood and moroccan cashmere fragrance oils.

Net wt.: 4 oz.

*Key benefits to skin include:

• anti-aging properties

• helps with  inflammation

• reduces skin irritations

• may help with eczema, rosacea & psoriasis

• highly moisturizing

• reduces redness

• keeps skin calm and comfortable

Benefits for hair include:

• promotes scalp & hair health

• smooth split ends

• tames flyaways

• guards against UV damage

• promotes hair growth

• aids with dandruff

* Also great for beards!

"Realms of bliss, realms of light
some are born to sweet delight,
some are born to the endless night"

- J Morrison

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