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Goat's Head "Beyond The Sunset" Soy Candle 8oz jar

Goat's Head "Beyond The Sunset" Soy Candle 8oz jar

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With a scent blend of sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver, "Beyond The Sunset" creates a warm, soothing and grounding aroma. With deep, rich woodsy notes from sandalwood, notes of dry grass and the creamy sweetness of vanilla, this candle is perfect to relax and reflect on all things while watching the setting sun.

Made with 100% soy wax and cotton wick providing a clean burn. No phthalates and no paraben free.
Scented with sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver essential oils
Net wt. 8oz

"In spring, I'll wait for roses red
when fades the lilacs bloom
and in early fall when brown
leaves call
I'll catch a glimpse of you"

excerpt from Beyond the Sunset
by Hank Williams

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