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"Best Dog Balm"

"Best Dog Balm"

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Goat's Head Best Dog Balm is skincare for your pet.

Our balm creates a barrier on your pet's paws to protect them for daily wear and tear and from extreme temperatures. It soothes irritated and damaged skin. Conditions, hydrates and can even increase paw skin elasticity.
It will also heal damaged paws, treat and prevent cracking on the nose and even treat skin conditions such as; dryness, rashes and eczema. Regular use can treat and prevent Hyperkeratosis.

Like all Goat's Head products, we use only quality, all natural ingredients that sustainable and cruelty-free.

Net wt.: 2 oz.

Ingredients & their benefits: (contact seller for full list of benefits)

• Avocado oil infused with calendula & chamomile
flowers - Provides an excellent source of vitamins A, B, D
& E, moisturizes, soothes, anti-inflammatory, repairs dry and damaged skin, antifungal and accelerates healing.

• Mango butter
Rich in vitamins A, C & E that help with dryness and

• Coconut oil
Moisturizes to help with flaking.

• Hemp Seed oil
Contains Omega-3 fatty acids, helps with uncomfortable
skin conditions such as: dryness, eczema & rashes.

• Organic vitamin E oil
Supports a healthy skin, reduces flaking and relieves

• Candelilla wax
Plant based wax that creates a skin-protective barrier
agent that helps the skin from losing moisture.

How to use Dog Balm

First, make sure your hands are clean to keep your dog safe from infection or contamination, or wear latex gloves. Carefully wipe away any debris from the intended area of application. Then, dab a small amount of the balm onto the paw/nose/skin and gently rub it in. You may repeat this process 2-3 times a day. Try to prevent your dog from licking off
the balm before it has time to dry, it is not toxic, but it will defeat the purpose. An ideal time to apply the balm, is right before your pup’s bedtime. Note: Due to the oils in the balm, it can make your dog’s paws slippery on smooth surfaces. Be exra careful with senoir dogs.

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