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Goat's Head All Natural Deodorant Sticks

Goat's Head All Natural Deodorant Sticks

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If you're looking for an all natural deodorant that works, then look no further. Goat's Head deodorants deliver the goods. Made with 100% plant based ingredients and contain no aluminum, phthalates, paragons or propylene glycol.

The biggest reason to use natural deodorant is so that you're still sweating the way you should be. Sweating helps you regulate your body temperature and release toxins that have made their way into your system. Chemical-laden, traditional deodorants tend to clog pores and make it harder for your body to sweat the way it needs to. Organic deodorant still helps to prevent odor by keeping natural bacteria from mixing with the salt and water on the skin while allowing your body to sweat the way it should!

Traditional Deodorant Could Make Your B.O. Worse

When it comes to natural deodorant vs regular, natural ingredients are definitely best. When the aluminum or other chemicals in your traditional antiperspirant build up on the skin, they mix with the bacteria that causes sweat and make the odor even worse. On top of that, these chemicals can react with the chemicals in your clothing's fabric and make stains on your clothing.

Natural Deodorants May Have Health Benefits

One of the benefits of natural deodorant is that it may even help your health. The natural ingredients make it less likely that you'll have skin issues, but the lack of pore-blocking ingredients mean good bacteria works better and may prevent odor even when you have no deodorant on at all. A lack of irritation also means you'll have a longer-lasting armpit shave.

Choose from two different scent blends:

"Lavender Moon" - Scented with lavender, vanilla and bergamot essential oils

"Into The Wild" - Scented with cypress, pine and cedarwood essential oils.

List of ingredients and their benefits:

Mango butter - High in vitamins A & C as well
as antioxidants, making it highly moisturizing
and do an effective job against body odor.

Coconut oil - Due to it’s fatty acid contents, this
is another great ingredient to help reduce
bacteria and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Arrowroot powder - A key ingredient in fight-
ing underarm odors and reducing wetness.
Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin,
making it an idel alternative to baking soda.

Magnesium hydroxide - Also known as milk
of magnesia, this helps in reducing sweat pro-
duction, neatralizing body odor and can soothe

Kaolin clay - Does a great job in drawing out
impurities as well as absorbing sweat and body

Candelilla wax - Gives the deodorant stabilty
as well as nourishing and conditioning your
skin. A vegan alternative to using bees wax.

Goat's Head uses cardboard push up tubes that are BPA FREE, reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradble.

Using this type of tube can sometimes be tricky, here are some recommendations and tips for use.

• Less is always more - Apply deodorant
with a light hand. A little goes a long way!

• Avoid wastage - You only need to push
up 2-3 millimeters of deodorant to get the
job done.

• Tube Stuck? - Give it a good rub in the
palms of your hands using your body’s own
heat to warm it up. Afterward, apply firm
preasure and roll it back and forth on a flat
surface to help loosen up the deodorant in

• Gone too far? - If you have pushed out too
much of the deodorant, don’t worry, just try
tapping your tube firmly on a solid surface.
Please do not push it back down with the lid.

**Natural deodorants are sensitive to temperature, be sure to store yours in a cool dry place. Avoid exposing them to high temperatures.

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